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dltv 034 episode

by pcmag

Published February 10, 2006

This is episode 034 of Here is the episode page description:

DL.TV Episode 34 went out live, Thursday, February 9th.

Jim Louderback shows us how to share HD content around the house with

Gefen's ex*tend*it HDMI 1:2 Splitter and the Intelix Active DVI Balun system

Darren Gladstone, Senior Editor of Computer Gaming World, is all kinds of excited about CRYTEK's upcoming game CRYSIS.

Patrick finds out at the end of the show that his Vista install is working (A bad install disk was the problem.)

The Vista tour is on for Tuesday!
And, as always, we tackle a heap of viewer questions.

Run time 43:36
Producer pcmag
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Patrick Nortron
Robert Heron


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